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Technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and keeping up with the latest innovations can be tricky. Yet for some North Hills residents, it’s as simple as a flick of the wrist … literally. Thanks to the team behind Scott Moody, the man who developed Apple’s Touch ID technology, North Hills residents are benefiting from the latest innovations.

The Cardinal at North Hills, one of the Triangle’s premiere senior living communities, partnered with Moody’s Raleigh-based tech startup K4Connect to offer next-level convenience for its residents through top-of-the-line technology.

The Cardinal Entrance
Official entry to The Cardinal.

The company, which aims to create solutions that serve and empower seniors and individuals living with disabilities, utilized The Cardinal to implement one of its newest products, K4Community.

A software platform with endless functions, K4Community allows users to easily connect numerous devices, regardless of manufacturer and the wireless technology being used, to a single program. In turn, residents can control various aspects of their daily routine with a few simple clicks on a smart device.

In addition to communicating with fellow residents, staff members, and family through K4Community’s social applications, users are able to remotely manage environmental factors like room temperature and lighting. They can also easily access their medical records and set reminders for themselves, such as when to take medications.

K4 ConnectThe benefits of K4Community don’t stop there; it’s also helpful for The Cardinal staff. Wireless sensors placed throughout the community allow staff to stay informed of resident activity. Alerts are sent when residents leave their rooms—a crucial feature for patients with Alzheimer’s. Staff members are also notified when a resident gets out of bed in the middle of the night and fails to return, which could mean a fall or other injury.

The K4Community platform is just one of K4Connect’s many products. To learn more about K4Connect’s start, their work, and additional ways they’re enhancing the lives of others, visit their website at

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