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In the 1960s, before the Lassiter District was the Lassiter District, it was North Hills Plaza. The Plaza was a strip center including a Winn-Dixie grocery store and The Cardinal Movie Theater, which opened in 1967.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there’s a time capsule buried where the old movie theater was (now Bonefish Grill) to be opened in 2017?

You may already know that Kane Realty Corporation purchased the North Hills Plaza site in 1999, about 2 years before they purchased the North Hills Mall site. However, you may not be aware that at that time there was no intention of purchasing the Mall site. Therefore, the Kane Realty team rebranded the Lassiter District to be called “The Lassiter,” in order to separate the brand from North Hills Mall.

Now, 16 years later, the Lassiter District is seamlessly a part of North Hills, but it’s kept the Lassiter identity, now as one part of the multi-district environment that is Midtown Raleigh.

Take a look below for some past and present photos of the Lassiter District at North Hills.

Historic North Hills
On the left side of the picture is the old North Hills Mall, while on the top right side (before the trees), you’ll see the old North Hills Plaza (or The Lassiter) site.
Lassiter District
Here is the view of the Lassiter District from the Main District. You’ll notice the Alexan apartments in the top left.
The Alexan
The Alexan is loaded with unique, locally-owned shops and boutiques.
Lassiter District
Main & Taylor, Lululemon, Sur La Table, and Total Wine are all located in the Lassiter District.

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