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When North Hills grew to encompass the east side of Six Forks Road, it took piecing together 19 separate parcels of land, which equaled roughly 50 acres, to create what is now the Park District. This land included an abandoned Bennigan’s restaurant, a multi-story office building, a hotel, a 45-year-old apartment complex, office buildings, and more.

In 2008, work began on Park & Market and the CAPTRUST Tower. Both of these projects were completed in 2009 and made huge strides for both North Hills and Raleigh. Park & Market created urban living above a full-service grocery store, which was a first in the Triangle and even distinctive through the East Coast.

The CAPTRUST tower created a new standard for the office market in Raleigh. The pioneering concept of including parking between restaurants and offices without requiring a change of elevators provides an ease that most areas do not have.

Today, the Park District boasts multiple office towers, four apartment communities (Park & Market, Midtown Green, The Dartmouth, and Park Central), two hotels (AC Hotel and Hyatt House), The Cardinal retirement community, and so much more.

In the Park District, you can enhance your healthy lifestyle at the newly opened Orangetheory Fitness or indoor cycling facility, Cyclebar. Entertainment is also at your fingertips – from a high-end bowling alley to a live summer music series in Midtown Park, there’s no shortage of options. And who can forget the many incredible restaurants.

The best part is, it’s still growing! Already in the works is a dual-tower mixed-use building, a boutique yoga studio, and a handful of new restaurants.

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal what else you can expect as the Park District continues to expand. In the meantime, check out the district’s transformation below!

North Hills in 2013
This picture shows one of the beginning stages of construction of North Hills’ Park District.
Captrust Tower
The 17-story CAPTRUST Tower was the first mixed-use tower at North Hills.
Bank of America Tower
The Bank of America Tower, the Park District’s second office tower, opened in 2016.
Midtown Park
Midtown Park was opened in the spring of 2014 and hosts many of our signature Midtown Events.
Wellness Wednesdays
Every Spring and Fall, outdoor group fitness classes known as Wellness Wednesday’s take place on the lawn at Midtown Park.
Park & Market Apartment
Park & Market sits atop an in-building Harris Teeter and offers views of Midtown Park.
The Hyatt House was built in 2013 and redesigned in 2017 to bring the outside/in and merge work/play concepts into one chic, functional experience.
Night view of AC Hotel from Dartmouth Road
The AC Hotel Raleigh opened in March 2017. It features a European-inspired aesthetic and a rooftop bar.
Park Central at North Hills
Opened in late 2017, Park Central is Midtown’s most advanced mixed-use project yet, and North Hills newest apartment community. It’s complimented by 36,000 square feet of retail space below.
Midtown Plaza
Situated next to Park Central with views of I-440 is Midtown Plaza. Soaring 12 stories tall, it offers 330,000 square feet of rentable office space.
The Cardinal Entry
Having opened officially in April of 2017, The Cardinal at North Hills is the areas first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). It is situated at the peak of Midtown Park.
Tower 4
This rendering shows the future Tower 4 office.
Expansion Extension Map
As of April 2017, the Park District is expected to expand east by an additional 33 acres. Vision for the area focuses on community building with parks, trails, outdoor fitness offerings and public art exhibitions.
Tower 5 at North Hills
Part of the east expansion, Tower 5 will be a 300,000-square-foot, 12 story, mixed-use tower.
Vine North Hills Apartments
Also part of the east expansion, Vine will be a mid-rise apartment building featuring an indoor/outdoor two-story fitness center and an indoor/outdoor rooftop work from home center. It is expected to break ground early 2018.

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