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As the Triangle region continues its journey toward becoming a renowned “barbecue destination” in North Carolina, Kane Realty Corporation is thrilled to announce the opening of The BBQ Lab, an award-winning barbecue restaurant, in the North Hills’ Main District in Raleigh. The restaurant is projected to open spring 2021.

“RBL Ventures Inc. is introducing a new concept, The BBQ Lab, which is tailored specifically for the North Hills community,” said Bonner Gaylord, managing director of operations for Kane Realty Corporation. “We’re excited about the addition of The BBQ Lab to North Hills and the Triangle area, and we look forward to visitors enjoying the delicious food the restaurant is known for.”

The BBQ Lab is a locally owned and operated multi-unit concept conceived by Jerry Stephenson and Todd Breed. The BBQ Lab at North Hills will be the first of several of the new concept opening up in the next few years. The restaurant is focused on regional barbecue found throughout the United States with a scientific twist, while featuring new innovations and recipes each month.

“The Lab’s” sauces and rubs are made from original recipes honed from years of professional barbecue competitions throughout the nation and catering. Its professional barbecue team has won more than 24 grand championships, 20 reserve grand championships, finished fourth in the nation in 2016, and is the current world champion in both chicken and pork – titles they claimed at the 2019 Jack Daniels World Invitational.

“The Raleigh community has been asking for The BBQ Lab to come to this part of North Carolina for many years, and we listened,” said Jerry Stephenson, owner of The BBQ Lab. “We are ready to join the North Hills community, and we are excited to finally announce to Raleigh that The BBQ Lab is on the way.”

“We believe barbecue is meant to be a shared experience that brings people together to socialize with one another,” adds Stephenson. “We hope to spread our core values – to be kind, courteous and customer-centered – and to remain focused on our goal of putting a smile on the customer’s face every time we serve the best barbecue in the business.”

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