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During the past two weeks, we’ve talked with John Kane, CEO, and Mike Smith, president and chief operating officer, to discuss the history and the current state of North Hills. Today, to wrap up our three-part series, we’re sharing their vision for North Hills’ future.

What’s on the horizon for North Hills in the next three years?

Kane & Smith: More vertical residential and office space, as well as hotel rooms.  We will also add more park areas, workout areas, and outdoor art. Public art has officially taken root at North Hills, and we plan to continue this trend throughout the property. From the Kelsey Montague mural in the Park District to the Art Box collaboration with the North Carolina Art Museum, we plan to bring more interactive art projects to vacant spaces and areas at North Hills.

What about the next 10 years?

Kane & Smith: Raleigh’s decision to expand transit will make a major difference for North Hills.  Transit is successful in dense areas where people live and work, so North Hills is clearly a match.

There is a national shift toward online purchasing. How does that impact your future plans?

Kane & Smith: The future of retail is not in the mall. Success will depend on finding the right balance of bricks and clicks, creating an experience for patrons, and providing great service while emphasizing the benefits of shopping local. We will continue to see enclosed malls disappear to be replaced by lifestyle centers that attract customers for more than a shopping experience. The biggest trend you will see in retail is companies trying to get the right balance of an online experience and an in-store experience. We see bricks and mortar locations serving as showrooms—places to interact with a company’s products and brand, but not necessarily where most sales take place.

How do you foresee Raleigh growing in the next 5-10 years? How do you see North Hills playing a role in that growth, and what will it mean for North Hills?

Kane & Smith: Raleigh’s list of accolades is growing every day—showing others around the country why they should want to live and visit here. With more and more people moving here every year, Raleigh is a community that will continue to grow and innovate. Likewise, North Hills will continue to be a place that showcases why Raleigh fosters success. North Hills will continue to provide Raleigh residents a place to live, work, shop, dine, and play. Our mission is to be “a recognized leader in creating places that improve the quality of life,” and we will continue to strive to uphold that mission for many years to come.

How have the lessons you’ve learned during the past 15 years influenced your vision for the future?

Kane & Smith: The most important lesson of North Hills is that great places are always evolving. We’ve learned that what we are doing simply works, and there is plenty of room around the property for growth.

There is certainly a lot in store for North Hills as we continue to grow. We hope to see you there soon to take advantage of all we offer. In the meantime, don’t miss Parts 1 and 2 of The State of North Hills blog series.

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