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For the safety of all North Hills patrons, Public Safety Officers along with Raleigh Police Department will be stepping up their efforts to enforce the Parents on Site Policy. This policy requires that all patrons under 18 years of age be accompanied by an adult after 8pm and is inclusive of the Thursday night Beach Music Concert Series.

Unaccompanied visitors under the age of 18 will be asked to leave the property or wait to be picked up in a safe waiting area beginning at 8pm. Thank you for your cooperation.

How will you identify patrons under 18 years of age?

In order to prove one’s age, a patron can provide a valid ID (driver’s license).

What if the minor has no ID?

Minors without proper identification will be asked to wait with a Public Safety Officer until his/her parent or legal guardian comes.

What if minors emerge from the movie theater and are awaiting a ride?

The parent or guardian will need to be there at 8pm to pick up his/her child.

How does North Hills enforce this policy?

If North Hills Public Safety Officers or Off-Duty Police Officers determine a minor is unaccompanied by an adult after 8pm, he/she will be given the choice of leaving the property or waiting with the Public Safety Officer for his/her ride.

Does each child need an escort?

No. A single adult can be responsible for a group of young people as long as there is proper supervision and control.

Does an adult have to accompany a minor?

Yes. Adults must have the ability to maintain eye contact with the children for whom he/she has responsibility. Otherwise, the child will be asked to wait with a Public Safety Officer until the parent or guardian comes.

What about teenagers who work in the stores?

They are not affected by this policy.

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