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Apartment communities are an exciting place to be these days — whether you’re part of the millennial or baby boomer generations or anywhere in between.

Since these are the two groups that are renting at the highest rates right now, it’s worth noting how apartment communities are meeting the wants and needs of both demographics. We told you last month about the shared trends in apartment living for millennials and baby boomers. This month, we’re focusing on what the hottest apartment trends are for these groups individually and how North Hills apartments are on the cutting edge of meeting their needs.


  • Connectivity. Top priority for millennials is that feeling of connectivity, so catering to that desire through fun events and programming, like craft beer tastings and off-site gatherings at fun local restaurants or bars, really helps millennials to feel plugged in. With so much new job growth and relocation to the Triangle area, the ability to foster a sense of community is extremely valuable to current and future residents.
  • Smaller Floorplans, Better Use of Space. In order to have everything else they want in an apartment community, millennials are willing to have smaller overall floorplans in exchange for good space planning within their apartment homes. They would rather have a smaller amount of truly functional, unique and attractive space then to have wasted space that can’t be used.
  • Technology. Millennials LOVE technology. They are excited for the next innovative tool or gadget and expect their apartment community to be at the forefront of integrating them into everyday life. Just recently, the Allister at North Hills and Midtown Green began offering AT&T GigaPower, a 100% fiber-optic network that provides ultra high-speed Internet connections of up to 1Gb/second. They were among the first apartment communities in North Carolina to launch the feature.
  • Lease Term Options. Plans for millennials may change quickly. They need apartment lease terms that not only acknowledge that, but also accommodate the reality of where they are in their lives and careers. Park and Market is one of the North Hills communities at the forefront of this trend.

Baby Boomers:

  • Space. And Plenty of It. With the baby boomer crowd often downsizing from larger homes, space is key. Being able to offer multifunctional rooms and spaces in floor plans — like an office nook, built-in desk and plenty of storage space — is a sought-after luxury.
  • Ease of Lifestyle. Baby boomers have experienced the house and the yard and the maintenance and upkeep that come with them. But at this point in their lives, they desire flexibility, convenience, and fun. They want to be able to leave the car at home and walk to dinner. They are drawn to urban environments that add value to their lifestyles.Park & Market offers easy access to a grocery store, Midtown Green treats residents to a front row seat for the many events taking place at Midtown Park, the Alexan is a short walk from numerous restaurants, and Allister is able to offer the best of both worlds — the convenience of urban living with the peacefulness of a more residential setting, making the transition from suburban to urban effortless.
  • Guest Suite Availability. Yes, in full acknowledgment of where baby boomers are in life, apartment communities are beginning to offer guest suites that are available for when family and friends of their residents come to visit. That’s one of the main concerns of boomers who are considering downsizing, but still want their children and grandchildren to come to visit and stay within close proximity. Park & Market’s guest suite allows them this option and the ability to make “going to grandma’s” more personal than staying in a hotel room.

While millennials and baby boomers are looking for different things in the places they call home, it’s clear why North Hills’ apartment communities appeal to both generations. The locations, amenities, programs and features of each combine to create a sense of place that fits the needs of all. View more options for living at North Hills.

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