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Kane Realty Corporation is excited to announce that Happy + Hale, a restaurant specializing in fresh juice, salads and smoothies, will be opening in the Park District at North Hills. Located on the ground level of the new Park Central Apartments, the restaurant will occupy 2,234 square feet and is projected to open late 2017.

We are thrilled to have Happy + Hale join us at North Hills. It is a phenomenal restaurant and will do very well in this location.

John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty Corporation

Happy + Hale is locally-owned by Matt Whitley and Tyler Helikson, two graduates of NC State University. Whitley and Helikson are fully committed to ensuring their customers, employees and partners have access to healthy fuel that nourishes the body and fulfills the soul. From salads to smoothies and poke bowls to breakfast items, Happy + Hale’s menu is packed with fresh and nutritious options for everyone.

The North Hills restaurant will be their second location in Raleigh. They also have locations in Durham and Greenville.

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