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This walking tour starts at Midtown Plaza and winds its way through each district of North Hills, so put on your walking shoes, and get ready to see some fantastic, free public art! View our interactive map by clicking the location icon in the main menus or download and print the map below!

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  • 1. Paper Airplanes

    Midtown Plaza Garage One

    Paper Airplanes

  • 2. Midtown Amphitheater

    Midtown Park Stage

    Midtown Amphitheater

  • 3. Aurora

    Aurora by Mia Yoon


  • 4. Crosswalks at Chuy's

    Crosswalks at Chuy’s

  • 5. Don't Worry! Be Happy!

    Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

  • 6. The Dartmouth Mural

    The Dartmouth Mural

    The Dartmouth Mural

  • 7. What Lifts You Mural

    What Lifts You Mural

    What Lifts You Mural

  • 8. The Overlook

    Overlook Park

    The Overlook

  • 9. The Art Box

    The Art Box

  • 10. The Alphabet Project Mural

    The Alphabet Project

    The Alphabet Project Mural

  • 11. Painted Piano

    Painted Piano

  • 12. Living Room Setting

    Living Room Setting

    Living Room Setting

  • 13. Starry Night Mural

    Starry Night

    Starry Night Mural

  • 14. Raleigh Rug

    Raleigh Rug

    Raleigh Rug

  • 15. Endless Summer

    Endless Summer

    Endless Summer

  • 16. All Colors Are Beautiful Mural

    All Colors are Beautiful Mural

  • 17. Raleigh Mural

    Raleigh Mural

    Raleigh Mural

  • 18. You're Strong Than You Know Mural

    You're Stronger Than You Know

    You’re Stronger Than You Know Mural

  • 19. Lululemon Earthcast Disks

    Lululemon Earthcast Disks

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