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Rosewater is rooted in seasonality and responsibly sourced ingredients that bring to life the charm and intimacy of the village lifestyle. Inspired by North Carolina ingredients and Mediterranean flavors, Rosewater is the center of the community, where people gather to celebrate in sharing honest food, craft cocktails and a well-curated wine selection.

Rosewater is a full-service restaurant that also offers grab-and-go options during breakfast and lunch hours to cater to the thriving professional community situated at North Hills. With the weekend comes a brunch that redefines the meaning of togetherness and relaxation. In the evenings, Rosewater comes alive for a seated dinner service that transforms the space into “the piazza where people gather to exchange laughter, bites, and great cocktails and wine…a true gathering center that everyone will be drawn to,” said Giorgios Bakatsias, owner of Giorgios Group.

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