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Kane Realty is excited to announce that CycleBar, a premium indoor cycling studio, will be opening in the Park District at North Hills. Located on the ground level of the new Park Central Apartments, the studio will occupy 2,962 square feet and is projected to open Fall 2017. 

We are thrilled to have CycleBar at North Hills. We are certain they will be successful in this location.

John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty Corporation

At CycleBar, instructors lead classes for as many as 48 riders in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre. Most classes last just under and hour, and heart rate, estimated calories burned, and power are all recorded and sent to the rider along with a playlist of the music from the ride. A leaderboard is also displayed for those with a competitive spirit.

The North Hills location will be their second studio in Raleigh.

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