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The newly opened Advance Auto Parts Tower has a new addition: Cucciolo Terrazza, a locally owned restaurant offering modern Italian cuisine with a twist, will join North Hills in fall 2021.

“The announcement of Cucciolo Terrazza is an exciting milestone for the new Advance Auto Parts Tower,” said John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty Corporation. “It offers top service and incredible food and beverages, and the entire Kane team looks forward to welcoming the restaurant to the North Hills community.”

Jimmy Kim, chef and owner, opened Cucciolo Osteria Durham in 2018 with the blessing of his cousin, Julian Kim, who started the original Cucciolo Osteria in Seoul, South Korea in 2015. After quickly establishing itself as a premier destination for Italian cuisine in Durham, Jimmy Kim decided to open a second restaurant in North Hills called Cucciolo Terrazza. His goal is to serve simple and delicious Italian food using the highest quality ingredients in an upscale, yet friendly and casual environment.

“We are very excited to work with Kane Realty, and we look forward to serving fine Italian food to the North Hills community,” said Kim. “Our goal is to showcase a broader array of fresh pasta and seafood dishes.”

While some of the Cucciolo Osteria’s signature dishes will be served in North Hills, such as the Spicy Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce Rigatoni and Butter Chicken ‘Sostanza’ Style, Kim plans to showcase an array of new dishes to distinguish itself from its sister restaurant in Durham.

The Cucciolo Terrazza announcement comes amid a series of new North Hills projects announced in 2020.

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