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The largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States, Bonobos brings its first North Carolina bricks-and-mortar Guideshop to North Hills in time for Father’s Day. North Hills Live caught up with Bonobos to talk about the menswear retailer’s new location and novel approach to blending the in-store experience with e-commerce.

Why did Bonobos decide to open its first North Carolina location in Raleigh?

Bonobos: Raleigh is a major market for us with a strong existing customer base and room for new customer growth. We’ve received a fair amount of inbound interest in our brand coming to the market, so we’re excited we’ve finally found a home at North Hills.

Why is North Hills the best location for Bonobos?

Bonobos: The center itself has a great regional draw, and we felt this was the best location for our current, and future, customer base in Raleigh. North Hills has been a great partner and advocate of our brand, so those factors made this a natural fit for us.

What differentiates Bonobos from other men’s retailers?

Bonobos: This is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, excellent customer experience, and a fun approach to menswear. Launched online in 2007 with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos now offers a full menswear assortment from everything from suits, to socks, to T-shirts, and more. Bonobos is a brand for the modern man helping guys not only look their best, but also encouraging them to be their best selves as individuals.

What exactly is a Bonobos Guideshop?

Bonobos: Pioneered by Bonobos in 2011, the innovative Guideshop retail model evolves the in-store shopping experience by providing one-on-one customer service and eliminating hassles associated with a traditional retail store. Rather than searching for assistance, customers are assigned a Guide upon arrival. Bonobos Guides, similar to personal shoppers, are experts trained in fit and style who guide customers through the wide range of Bonobos merchandise such as suits, pants, shirts, jeans, swim, underwear, outerwear, and more.

Our Guideshops showcase the expansive website offering a range of fits and sizes to try on with serving as a virtual stockroom. Size and style preferences are more likely to be available as inventory is housed in a single location instead of spread across multiple stores. Finally, purchases are shipped free of charge directly to the customer eliminating the load of carrying around cumbersome bags.

Bonobos is located in North Hills’ Main District between Fink’s Jewelers and Southern Tide. For more information, visit

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