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Josie Reeves, Kane Realty’s associate director of design, collaborates with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and artists to create engaging projects that ensure a memorable experience for the many people who live, work and play at North Hills. When North Hills caught up with Josie recently, we talked about plans for the new Walter tower and her role in shaping the look and feel of North Hills.

What sparked your interest in design?

Josie Reeves: My mom. She’s a “can-do” lady with a great eye. Auctions and antique shops were a huge part of my childhood. It was nothing for me to come home from grade school to find that she had re-arranged all the furniture in the house by herself or find her on a two-story ladder painting the shutters.  She has always been the ultimate place maker for me, and she has taught me to “bloom where you are planted.”

Describe your role at Kane?

JR: I oversee the elements that inform a customer’s experience on our project. I’m involved with the exterior design, interior design, landscape design, programming the spaces, initial branding, and original art. Basically, I focus on how a project looks and feels.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

JR: The people and the variety. I am truly exposed to the most talented, passionate professionals daily—local and national architects, landscape architects, artists, graphic designers, interior designers—and our Kane team feels like a family.

Tell me about the vision for Walter?

JR: Walter is going to be a spectacular hotel within a high-rise tower at North Hills. It will complement the existing North Hills (and truly, Raleigh) hotel offerings with more of a boutique approach. The design is inspired by the adventures and spirit of Sir Walter Raleigh. There will be space for events, two terraces, a signature restaurant and residences on top. I can’t wait to enjoy the space myself!

What are some of the specific features and details of Walter that are noteworthy?

JR: We’re very much in the process of design right now. I have to say, getting into the guest rooms has been great fun because we all create our own opinions through travel about what hotel details stick with you. For me, it’s a comfy bed with top-notch bedding, a stylish lounge, and a killer bathroom design. We’re spending our days collaborating on how we can create an urban oasis and what design tactics we will employ as a nod to the adventures of Sir Walter Raleigh. By the way—what a bold character!

What motivates you?

JR: Every project we tackle has a unique spirit, and it is satisfying to collaborate with our team and our amazing outside design partners on how to make each project better than the last. Kane’s desire to focus projects where we can to have a long-term impact resonates with me because these places we are creating will likely outlive me. It’s thrilling to put our hearts into a job and then turn it over for people to use and enjoy. I love to watch our projects come to life.

What are some design trends you are seeing in commercial and residential spaces?

JR: We are blending styles and uses across all project types—residential that allows people to work from home, office spaces with a nod to hospitality.

What is a trend you are ready to see end?

JR: Grey everything.

What jobs did you have prior to working for Kane?

JR: I started my career in human resources for a medical device company, which was like a primer for life in the real world. I did payroll, benefits, personnel—it was a great experience. That company closed, and I got my real estate license as I figured out my next step. I went into general brokerage at York Simpson Underwood and really liked it, but within a year, I was invited to join the Kane team.

What was an interesting job early in your career or while you were in school? What did you learn from it?

JR: I’ve had jobs since I was 15 and I worked all through college. I’ve just always liked working. My coolest job was the Wolfpack Club in college. I’d grown up with a father in college athletics, so it felt very familiar. I answered the phone, filed papers, helped with tickets, assisted the staff on a major Capital Campaign for NC State Student Aid Association, and had a front row seat to the PNC Center construction. Great work—and such a fun staff! That experience showed me at a young age that work life can and should be enjoyable.

What do you do in your free time?

JR: I love to travel with my husband, though two small children have kept us home a bit more these past couple of years. So, for now, lots of fun weekend explorations in Raleigh and Durham—enjoying our wonderful food, drink, music and art scene, and plenty of family-friendly activities too.

Tell us about your family.

JR: I’m married to a saint (ask anyone), Charlie Reeves, and we have two boys, Henry (age 5) and George (age 2). My mother also lives in Raleigh and helps keep our little boat afloat.

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