Whether you’re looking for the perfect evening dress or suit, kids toys, or exercise clothes, North Hills’ shopping collection has everything you need.

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#MyNorthHills is…

North Hills is different for each person. Some people come for events, some come to movies and dinners with their families, some live and work at North Hills, some use North Hills strictly for shopping, and some do it all. We interviewed business employees, storeowners, shoppers, and pedestrians to see what North Hills means to […]

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North Hills and EyeCentennials: Offering a New Perspective on Art

We introduced you to the Art Box at North Hills in our last profile, and now we want to introduce you to the Raleigh artist behind the Art Box’s first installation: Nate Sheaffer. Sheaffer is a fabrication specialist and neon artist whose EyeCentennials exhibit is garnering attention on the ground level of the Bank of […]

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