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Staying Healthy Together

We hope staying healthy and well are on your quarantine bucket list! We may not be able to meet on the CCU Midtown Park lawn for now, but there is certainly opportunity to grow and thrive in our health while we #stayhome together. Let’s talk education…

This is a great time to get informed! Collect meal-prep recipes to set yourself up for success, learn proper form technique, take a tour through local studios’ online platform, try new and different fitness routines, and learn nutrition tips that play a major role in your results. Visit us here every Wednesday for tips, tricks and freebies. We are excited to be your weekly resource!


Shred415 is offering a FREE, live stream class for our Wellness Wednesday “attendees” this week.

Shred415 is an effective workout that integrates serious cardio and strength training in four -15 minute intervals. Click here to join in for a live class at 5:30PM on Wednesday, April 1st. Sign up under “Wellness Wednesday” for free admission. Use your living room, back porch or front yard… just get moving with us!

Post Workout

“Whether you’re working out to lose fat, increase muscle tone or just feel good, hitting the gym is only part of the battle to get the best results. Because while your diet matters throughout the day, your post-workout meal might play the biggest role of all — take that, breakfast.

See, your body stores glycogen and protein in its muscles. During a workout, your body first burns through the nutrients you ate pre-workout and moves on to the stored glycogen, burning it as energy. Then, after stepping off the treadmill, the protein in your muscles begins to drop and muscle fibers start breaking down.

But for a magical time — for about 30 to 60 minutes after wrapping up a workout — your body is primed to refuel and replenish itself by absorbing carbs and protein once again.” — Dr. Axe

Check out this One Pan Mexican Quinoa! And we’re willing to bet you have almost all of the pantry staples on hand.


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