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Staying Healthy Together

We know that just like us, you are trudging along, following your at home fitness routine to the best of your motivational ability. But let’s be honest, we are all ready to feel the burn somewhere other than our living spaces. Hang tight, we are almost there!

This week, give yourself room to feel, accept, (bend to the circumstance a little), and then move into the promise of sunnier days ahead. The Coastal Credit Union Midtown Park anxiously awaits our return. Until then…



Speaking of the Park, we know there is a good chance you’ve seen Coach Amy Banfer with Camp Gladiator motivating her crew through one of their 60-minute full body sessions. These workouts are led by All-star, certified trainers and are always different, progressive workouts for all fitness levels.

  • Live, at-home workouts: Enjoy unlimited access to over 9,500 LIVE, interactive workouts each week that fit your schedule, in your space, & at your pace!
  • Real-time coaching & community: Two-way communication with a Certified Personal Trainer who holds you accountable, corrects form & gives modifications while you work out.
  • Never-boring workouts: Build muscle, lose weight & feel better with our full-body strength & cardio workouts. Try new workouts everyday that ar tailored to your goals



Sign up HERE to experience your FREE class, plus hear about the 4-week Challenge starting next week!

*Mention Wellness Wednesday and receive a $10 discount on the 4-week program*



Facebook @ Camp Gladiator Northeast Raleigh

Instagram @ CG Northeast Raleigh


Tips & Tricks:

  1. Drink your H2O!
  2. Do not fret — muscle memory is a real thing
  3. Focus on the inner (health and wellness)
  4. Let nutrition be your body’s guide

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