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North Hills Kids in the Park Pt. IV

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep our children engaged and stimulated as we all work through this period of uncertainty.  North Hills Kids, presented by Wells Orthodontics, is here to help!  We will be picking up the weekly blog posts again following the originally planned theme.  When we all work to #stayhome, we can move closer toward gathering outside together very soon!

This week is Mascot & Character Themed!

Ever wonder what your superpower would be?  Take this quiz on National Geographic to find out!

You can become your very own superhero for free by clicking HERE and designing everything from gadgets, names, origins and more!

Superhero Fun Facts

  • During the 1990s, Captain America was injected with serum that transformed him into a werewolf
  • In early comics, Batman would send a live bat in the mail to criminals to warn them he was after them!
  • Wonder Woman was originally named Suprema, the Wonder Woman
  • Marvel Comics has a construction company that repairs property damage caused by superheroes and villains called Damage Control
  • Bruce Wayne, Batman, has an IQ of 162, 2 points higher than Albert Einstein!
  • Spiderman was inspired by a fly when Stan Lee, famous comic book writer, saw the fly on the wall and started thinking about superheroes that could stick to surfaces

We had a great group of mascots ready to hang out with you today, so while we practice distancing click the links below to learn more about your favorites!

Click HERE to learn all about Wool E. Bull and all his favorite things, which include hugs, high fives, and winning championships!

Can you guess who Muddy the Mudcat’s favorite team is?  Click HERE to learn all about Muddy and HERE for some free printables to color!

Mr. & Mrs. Wuf were not always the mascots for NC State.  Click HERE to see the different mascots that have ruled the Pack throughout the years.

Click HERE to learn about the famous Ramses of UNC who has traveled all the way to New York City and even down to Jacksonville for bowl games!  For UNC coloring pages and word searches, click HERE.

Ever wonder what Stormy from the Carolina Hurricanes likes to do for fun?  Click HERE to learn about Raleigh’s mischievous ice hog.

For all of our fairy tale fans out there, head over to the Disney Princess site for endless amounts of crafts and activities related to your favorite!

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