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Kane Realty Corporation is pleased to announce that Grabbagreen Food & Juice, a fast casual food and juice restaurant, will open near Sur la Table, in the Lassiter District at North Hills. The restaurant will occupy over 1,500 square feet and is projected to open this fall.

We are excited to have Grabbagreen open at North Hills. We believe they will be successful in this location.

John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty Corporation

Specializing in whole foods, Grabbagreen has been offering a healthy menu of whole foods and organic items since 2013. Founded in Arizona, the fast casual concepts features preservative-free, naturally gluten free, and GMO free selections: grain and green-based bowls, proteins free of hormones and antibiotics, to fresh-pressed juices and handcrafted smoothies.

Grabbagreen will serve breakfast and a nutritious children’s menu.

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