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We are excited to welcome back events to CCU Midtown Park again with Tuesday Trivia & Comedy Night Presented by R&D Brewery

Our Safety Measures:

  • As we are still in Phase 3, this event will be closed to the general public, and there are only limited “social circles” available to secure.
  • Each circle can hold up to 4 people, so you are purchasing one spot for 4 people.
  • The circles will all be spaced at least 7 feet away from another circle giving everyone a safe space to enjoy the local comedians, a game of trivia and a little music and fresh air too!
  • Masks are required when entering the park, walking to the restrooms or other areas of the park, but they may be taken off once you are inside your social circle.
  • Hand sanitizing stations, extra masks and gloves will be available at entrances.

About the Tickets:

  • Each Ticket includes up to 4ppl per social circle (so snag a circle and then choose which friends to invite – just have them Venmo you or be the cool kid who hosts his own circle).
  • Each ticket includes either a bucket of wine (1 bottle) or a bucket of beer (6 cans). There will be options available to select from at the event. Beer provided by R&D Brewery and Wine provided by Total Wine.
  • There are additional ticket options to purchase more circles and more buckets of wine and/or beer.
  • You are encouraged to bring picnic blankets and chairs to get comfortable in your space.
  • Food Options – there are numerous North Hills restaurants to grab some to-go food from.

About Trivia:

  • We will hand out the rules and your answer sheets when you check-in. We will mix in local comedians between the rounds. We’ll tally the results for the end of the evening, and the top 3 teams win prizes. First place wins a $150 North Hills gift card, 2nd place wins a $75 NH gift card and 3rd place wins a $50 gift card.
  • view event map here!

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