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This colorful, vibrant mural anchors the fitness pocket park on the St. Albans Drive side of The Dartmouth. The mural, by Kluttz Thompson Designs, was designed to match the aesthetic of the building which was informed by an effortlessly cool, West Coast vibe.

The mural’s bold geometric pattern compliments the angular features that are infused into The Dartmouth brand and aesthetic. It is installed on a wall that surrounds a transformer enclosure in order to beautify the space and inspire life and energy in the fitness area.

Kluttz Thompson Designs

Raines Thompson and Earle Kluttz Thompson are the artists who formed Kluttz Thompson Designs based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kluttz Thompson Designs specializes in interior and exterior murals, faux finishes, canvases, hand-painted furniture and accessories, and historic sign restoration. They also design personalized invitations, logos, and wedding booklets.

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