Asheville, NC artist, Grant Penny, creates his collage work using a paper known as Lokta. Lokta is hand made and dyed in Nepal from the fibrous bark of Daphne Cannabina (Lokta Bush). The highly sustainable plant grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas.

The original idea behind the paper airplane pieces was a theme of anticipation when Grant and his wife were looking forward to the birth of their daughter. “E.T.A. (expected time of arrival)” was the first in the ongoing series. By the time his daughter was born the theme evolved into more of a guiding wish, “May you soar in life… but don’t take it too seriously.” The titles of the three pieces are “Your Turn”, “This Will Be the One”, and “Singing From the Other Room”. This installation is located at Midtown Plaza, on the exterior parking deck.

In Raleigh, Grant Penny’s work is available at The Mahler Fine Art Gallery.

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