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The Earthcast Disks are five wall-hung earthcastings, each of which is an exploration of the patterns of rammed earth molds or a natural pattern found in the soil itself (e.g., erosion, drought cracks, tire tracks, etc.).

The disks are each 34″ in diameter and are made of earthcast concrete. All five are mounted on the facade of lululemon in North Hills’ Lassiter District.

Thomas Sayre

Thomas Sayre

Thomas Sayre has designed and built public art projects all over the world and has been part of the design team for civic, educational, and museum buildings. He, along with architect Steve Schuster, is a founding principal of the multi-disciplinary design firm, Clearscapes , and has collaborated to produce lighting, furniture, terrazzo floors, and specialty surfaces. While occasionally producing "studio" pieces, most of his efforts are focused in the public arena. It is here where the idea of producing art intersects with the realities of life. The art will work only when disparate opinions come together through collaboration to form a coherent vision.

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