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North Hills in Midtown Raleigh is a destination where people are invited to work, shop, dine, live, stay and play. All of the buildings, parking areas, streets and common spaces are privately owned. North Hills welcomes everyone, but we ask that you be respectful of all of the tenants, residents and guests while you enjoy the property. In brief, we ask that you treat others in the manner in which you desire to be treated.

North Hills has established a code of conduct as a method of ensuring that everyone’s visit will be safe and enjoyable. We ask that all guests and visitors be governed by these guidelines. This is a partial list; additional guidelines may be incorporated at any time. Those who choose not to follow the North Hills Code of Conduct will be subject to expulsion, banning, arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass.

Discourteous behavior is not acceptable.

Any behavior that is ill-mannered or disrespectful or that may be inconvenient to others will not be allowed at North Hills. This includes littering, running, shouting, skateboarding, or skating. It also includes the playing of car radios or personal iPods at a level that can be heard by others or is generally considered to be too loud.

Disorderly behavior is not acceptable.

This includes behavior that is offensive to others or obscene, as well as behavior that may hinder or disturb other visitors to North Hills and actions that may disrupt customary business activity.

Disorderly behavior also includes failure to respond to reasonable requests and direction from members of North Hills’ staff.

Disruptive behavior and illegal activity are not acceptable.

Any behavior that could affect the safety of North Hills’ guests, tenants or residents or behavior that could disrupt the natural course of business is not allowed. Likewise, fighting or any type of illegal activity is not acceptable.

Appropriate attire is required.

Attire must be appropriate. Guests must wear shirts and shoes, and items of clothing may not display any images or words that could be considered to be offensive.

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Welcome to North Hills