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Kane Realty Corporation is excited to announce that Bul Box, a restaurant serving Asian cuisine, will be opening at North Hills in Raleigh. Located in the Lassiter District next to Lululemon, the restaurant is projected to open fall 2020.

“We are excited to welcome Bul Box to North Hills,” said John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty Corporation. “Bul Box will be a wonderful addition to our restaurant offerings. The restaurant is bringing a unique concept along with phenomenal food to North Hills, and we are certain it will do well in this location.”

Fueled by its passion for the cuisines of Asia and beyond, Bul Box crafts dishes with boundless flavors and customizability. Using the freshest ingredients, Bul Box offers a variety of mouth-watering signature boxes inspired by its favorite destinations, as well as a variety of customizable options to please fitness fiends and carboholics alike. Patrons will take in the aromas of the sizzling grill, while selecting from a uniquely colorful array of proteins, vegetables, starches and sauces as they make their way down an assembly line of bold flavors. It truly is a full sensory experience.

Bul Box opened its first location in Raleigh at Transfer Food Hall in 2016. The restaurant’s second location opened in Morrisville last month. The North Hills space will be mainly a to-go place with several outdoor tables.

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