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If you’re single and live in the Triangle, you already know what the hype is all about and why Raleigh was recently named one of the seven “Best Cities for Singles in North Carolina” by travel blog Only in Your State. While the blog’s focus was on finding “L-O-V-E,” we know that Raleigh is also a center of activity when it comes to jobs and quality of life for those focusing on their career, social life, and living a healthy urban lifestyle. North Hills is pleased to play a significant role in the fact that Raleigh is such a great place for those who are on their own, so we wanted to share with you seven ways for singles to spend their time in the Midtown district.

  • 1. Events & Entertainment

    The Commons at North Hills

    The Commons


    The number of events North Hills hosts every year is one of the key reasons why we are so popular with singles. You can connect with your food and others at the same time at the Midtown Farmers’ Market. The Midtown Bluegrass series and Friday Night Tribute series will both run through October, giving you a natural way to enjoy great music and meet others. And Wellness Wednesdays let you shake up your usual fitness routine in a fun and social setting every week. As far as other entertainment goes, our 14-screen state-of-the-art movie theater, bowling at Kings or a night out at the Fox & Hound Sports Tavern will provide plenty of possibilities for anyone, whether alone or with a crowd.

  • 2. Restaurants

    From fast food to fine dining, local to national chains, we’ve got it all. If you want quick and easy, any of our fast casual options are sure to fit the bill. Or if you’re looking for outdoor dining that will let you people-watch, while offering a comfortable place to enjoy a meal by yourself, we’re proud to boast 16 restaurants that can accommodate that as well.

  • 3. Healthy, Urban Environment

    Main Street at North Hills

    Let’s face it. North Hills is just an interesting place to be. Our walkability makes it easy to leave your car behind and quickly feel like you are part of a community, while letting you enjoy an upscale urban environment that is different from anything else you will find in the Triangle. You can also easily get here by city bus, so you don’t even have to move your car in the first place to enjoy everything we have to offer.

  • 4. Bars

    North Hills offers approximately 20 establishments with some type of bar service. Whether you just want to hang out at a bar or be in an environment that offers other social activities, we’ve got you covered.

  • 5. Open Space to Be with Others

    Midtown Bluegrass Series

    Coastal Credit Union Midtown Park


    Midtown Park and The Commons are distinctive spaces that can be a hub of activity or a quiet oasis. If you’re looking for an outdoor space where you don’t feel isolated, either of these will provide the perfect backdrop for people-watching, sitting with a good book while being with others or striking up a conversation with someone new.

  • 6. Live Here!

    Midtown Green

    Midtown Green Apartments


    If you’re single and simply can’t get enough of all the amenities we have to offer, there are four options for calling North Hills home. The Alexan, Park & Market, Midtown Green, and Allister North Hills Apartments all offer multi-generational living with everything you could want and need at your fingertips. Between the dining, shopping, grocery store, drycleaner, spas, fitness facility, drugstore, and so much more, your apartment community’s amenities aren’t just in your building — they’re also right outside your door. And since our residents range from millennials to octogenarians, you will have plenty of friends and a new extended family to keep you company and have your back.

  • 7. Work Here!

    Captrust Tower

    CAPTRUST Tower

    North Hills is a vibrant, active place to be for singles whether you want to work in an office setting, retail, or restaurant. Our employers say they don’t have any trouble retaining employees because North Hills offers such an efficient environment. You can run errands, get coffee, grab lunch, or have easy access to after-work entertainment, all within walking distance. So if you really can’t get enough of us, let your career path bring you here.

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