Stacey & Kevin Jennings, owners of Vivace & Coquette Brasserie, give us an inside scoop into what its like working together and how they met.

When and how did you meet?

“Stacey and I met at a bar where I was bartending. It was her birthday and her friends dragged her out to celebrate. I began waiting on her and her friends. As soon as I met her I told the bartender I was working with “I think I just met the girl I’m going to marry”. I meant it humbly, but I was totally serious. True story.”

What do you like about working together?

“We work together because that is the way it works best. Stacey has always been the brains of the operation. She handles the money, Keeps our finances straight. She is also the more cautious one who tries to make sure we don’t make the fatal mistake. I have always been the front of the house person. I deal with employee issues, customer concerns, and the staff training. I am also the one who is pushing to get the next place open and works the financing. We don’t always like everything about each other every single day, but we do love each other. It works for us.”

Do you have a favorite date spot in North Hills?

“Our favorite date spot at NH depends on the occasion. We enjoy Cowfish for sushi, Firebird’s for casual American, Starbucks for a morning coffee date, The Renaissance Hotel when we want to have a cocktail away from things, etc.. At the end of the day though we end of up Vivace and Coquette most often. ”

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

“No real Valentines Days memories. That’s a work day for us!”