See what the craze is all about!

I’m sure you have heard of Pure Barre. It is known as the fastest and most effective way to change your body. Pure Barre combines fat burning and toning exercises to get you on your way to your best body! Pure Barre is sort of a cross between ballet, pilates and yoga but it is also so much more. The best part is, you need no prior experience to sign up!

North Hills Pure Barre manager, Mary Fogleman shared some ins and outs of Pure Barre.

The goal of Pure Barre is to work the muscles in isometric movements. These small movements are what help to tone and lift your body.

Fogleman said clients would usually start to see results in as few as 10 classes, as long as those classes are done consistently; three to four times a week is best.

“The first thing I always hear from people is how they notice their arm muscles changing,” said Fogleman, “and this is a hard area to target especially for women, so we focus on them a lot.”

Women all over the U.S. claim that Pure Barre is the not so well kept secret to shedding inches off your body. Pure Barre is taught by an instructor who encourages you to push yourself to gain the results you want to see. This 55-minute workout will be full of energy and fun music. It focuses on a lot of the areas most women see as “problem areas.” These areas include the upper arms, lower abs, hips, thighs and your backside.

Pure Barre is a great exercise to try if you are looking for a total body adjustment. Sign up online or call 919-896-7464 today! They are currently running a new client special, which gives one month of unlimited classes for $100. Pure Barre is also participating in this week’s Wellness Wednesdays free fitness opportunity!