About Wings

Overhead and flying through the space between the four prominent structural columns, in the Renaissance Hotel lobby, is a light-emitting hanging sculpture which is derived from one of the most internationally well known events in North Carolina’s history: the first occurrence of manned flight.

Taking the Wright Brothers biplane wings and twisting and warping them into a hanging sculpture, the piece provides focus for the lobby and the mezzanine level bar inviting different views from multiple vantages throughout the lobby.

The light’s dimensions are 16′ x 12′ x 10′


Thomas Sayre

Image of Thomas Sayre

Thomas Sayre has designed and built public art projects all over the world and has been part of the design team for civic, educational, and museum buildings. He, along with architect Steve Schuster, is a founding principal of the multi-disciplinary design firm, Clearscapes , and has collaborated to produce lighting, furniture, terrazzo floors, and specialty surfaces.

Growing up in the shadow of Washington National Cathedral, Thomas' early art education, and his love and respect of natural materials, came from the stonecutters and the Cathedral. His education continued at St. Albans School, University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, and Cranbrook Academy of Art.

While occasionally producing "studio" pieces, most of his efforts are focused in the public arena. It is here where the idea of producing art intersects with the realities of life. The art will work only when disparate opinions come together through collaboration to form a coherent vision.

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