About Aurora

If you haven’t had a chance to see the art installation by Mia Yoon in the mews at Park Central, then make it a priority. A gorgeous representation of the beautiful and awe-inspiring Northern Lights, this project was as ambitious as it was time-consuming. Taking over a year to create and install, and created specifically for that space, each globe that comprises the installation was not only made by hand, but screwed into the ceiling “canvas” by hand.

Mia Yoon

Mia Yoon was driven to be an artist from an early age, attending the well-regarded Art Students League of New York as a teenager, then Pratt Institute to continue her classical training as an artist. After taking a break to travel and visit Korea for longer than she originally planned, she found herself drawn back into the art world and creating art in a small studio. But something wasn’t fulfilling, and she knew she needed a new source of inspiration. After a visit to Art Space, where she met an abstract painter, she was encouraged to go see an Antoni Tapies exhibit at the Guggenheim, whose work left her standing there feeling like she had been hit with a brick. This led to a four-year period where she dedicated herself and her time to learning everything she could about abstract art and how to create it.

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