About Annunciation

Located in the pre-function corridor of the AC Hotel, Annunciation is an oil on canvas art installation by Gerry Lynch. Lynch is best known for her robust lines and elegant compositions of her abstract paintings. Her works is influenced by all the great artists and inspired by her love of Asian Calligraphy, in particular, Arabic Script. She is also fascinated by ancient, modern and contemporary architecture and fashion.

Her bold brushwork and restrained palette lends a great impact to her work. While purely abstract in nature, her work often alludes to the idea of construction and deconstruction. She also creates decorative metal wall sculptures whose shiny surfaces and sharp contours are beautiful studies in reserved color scales.


Gerry Lynch

Lynch notes that her work is influenced by all the great artists of her time (and before her time). However, there are many other things that influence Lynch’s work, the most important of which is her love of Asian calligraphy, in particular, Arabic script. Next in importance is her continuing fascination for ancient, modern, and contemporary architecture, followed by her attraction to haute couture.

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