Google has Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Ben & Jerry’s has Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Apple had Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. There’s no denying it—some of the best businesses are built on strong partnerships.

The restaurants and retailers at North Hills are no exception. Many Midtown businesses thrive thanks to the partners that bring them together.

Husband-and-wife team Bethany and Ed Perkins founded Midtown Olive Oil in 2010. Inspiration struck after Bethany recognized how many varieties of oils and vinegars were used during a dinner party at a friend’s home. Her passion for high-quality ingredients led to their first store opening later that year.

At Edible Art Bakery & Dessert Café, you’ll find cakes inspired by an old Southern pound cake recipe. Mother-daughter duo Judy Lasater and Beth Pendergrass founded Edible Art Bakery & Dessert Café 35 years ago by going door-to-door to introduce their sweet treats. The distinctive taste and artistry caught on quickly, and the company is now well-known throughout the East Coast.

Christina Allen, Eliza Stoecker, and Louise Stowe used their differing professional backgrounds to their advantage when they founded Fleur Boutique. With experience in banking, fashion, and politics, the three friends were able to combine their varied skillsets with their shared passion for fashion. The boutique continues to flourish, adding an interiors section alongside the fashion offerings.

North Hills is incredibly proud of the partnerships we’ve built with these and all of our businesses, and of the environment our partners have helped to create in Midtown.