North Hills’ commitment to sustainability remains a priority. With our dynamic growth and urban lifestyle, uncovering green initiatives that work for our community is key. Just as we strive for innovation in development, retail offerings, and multi-use spaces, we also strive to be pioneers in “going green.”

Designed with sustainability in mind, North Hills is truly walkable. The need for a vehicle within the mixed-use district is reduced by offering so much in one place. Wider than average sidewalks provide both safety and easier mobility. Colorful signs guide pedestrians throughout the three districts. North Hills’ proximity to the Raleigh Greenway also helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Guests looking for an easier way around Midtown have access to our fleet of electric shuttles, two bus lines, and a vanpool. Visitors may also take a free ride on an ecological, emissions-free, electric G.E.M. vehicle to any location at North Hills. For those with electric cars of their own, North Hills offers 11 charging stations that are placed across the district.


Because North Hills is a true “live, work, play” community, some residents rarely need to leave Midtown and don’t have the need to own a car. North Hills introduced Zipcar in 2016 to give locals access to a set of environmentally friendly cars when they need them. The vehicles are self-servicing, so residents can use them when they need one and for the time period they need, whether that’s one hour or a full day. The end goal is to reduce carbon emissions through ride-sharing.


In addition to mobile-friendly initiatives, North Hills has “gone green” in many other ways. LED lighting across the property helps cut energy consumption. Recycling centers and clothing recycle stations encourage sustainable practices. Rooftop solar panels create an additional, renewable power source for the districts.

These efforts are just the start on our journey to creating a more sustainable North Hills. We look forward to the future and are excited to discover and launch more green initiatives that further support our local community.