From four-star hotels and residences to premium office spaces and top-notch parks and entertainment, North Hills thrives thanks to the trifecta of live, work, and play. Throw in more than 400 events each year, and the result is a vibrant community dedicated to meeting the needs of residents and guests alike.

The team at Midtown Events is responsible for booking and executing events at North Hills, with a focus on appealing to audiences across the board. According to Anna Zevenhuizen, Midtown Events’ special events and marketing manager, each event at North Hills is carefully curated to support the community’s live/work/play philosophy.

“Our goal at Midtown Events is to create a sense of place and community within North Hills,” says Zevenhuizen. “We select and produce events to engage everyone from families to young professionals, as well as residents of all demographics. We believe that the three main tenets of community building are live, work, and play, and we keep those ideals in mind with each and every event we bring to life.”

Midtown Events produces no shortage of variety in events. When it comes to play, musical events are the ultimate in entertainment at North Hills. Depending on their mood, concert goers can shag at the Beach Music Series, get some down-home soul at the Kickin’ It Country and Bluegrass Series, or relax and jam out at the Midtown Music Festival and Friday Night Tribute Series.

For work, office tenants can get in on the fun by arranging private parties at these signature events to create a fun and laid-back atmosphere for networking or client entertainment. Lifestyle events focus on health and wellness, with a weekly Midtown Farmers’ Market (complete with local organic produce and wellness/fitness programming) and a Wellness Wednesday Series promoting free fitness opportunities each spring and fall. Families flock to the North Hills Kids events, which provide opportunities for children to learn, exercise, and socialize outdoors.

“As is evident at North Hills, Kane Realty is focused on creating and investing in walkable communities that empower an urban lifestyle,” says Zevenhuizen. “With that mission as our guiding force, we are able to develop irresistible gathering spaces where our surrounding communities naturally want to live, work, shop, and play. The idea of an urban, mixed-use development instinctively lends itself to congregation spaces. Midtown Events then takes those spaces and transforms them into memorable experiences.”

“At the end of the day, our events bring people together,” she continues. “And that’s what community building is all about.”