Virtual reality is a technology innovation that rose to fame in 2016. What started out as life-like videos displayed on computer monitors and projection screens has now gone mobile and taken the tech industry by storm.

You’ve probably seen ‘those’ people strolling a store front in the mall with their eyes covered by what seems like a gnarly pair of ski goggles. Those goggles, however, are actually the latest advancement in virtual reality tech and the people wearing them are not aimlessly wandering blind, but instead making calculated movements in reaction to the immersive, three-dimensional environment they’ve just stepped into.

Recognizing this growing trend, social network mega power Facebook sought and acquired the leader in VR tech, Oculus, in 2014 and worked in partnership to further invent the Oculus Rift headset and launch its own system, Gear VR.

To promote the newly redesigned products and their socially charged features, Facebook’s Innovation Hub embarked on a 30-city virtual tour, and our very own North Hills was chosen as the top spot in Raleigh to host!

At 3 a.m. on Thursday, December 8 a glass trailer along with a Facebook crew arrived at the Commons area near the movie theatre to begin the set-up of what would be a three-day pop-up shop. Between noon at 8 p.m. each day, people passing were encouraged to stop and take-part in two-minute long, 3-D adventures.

Visitors could do everything from shooting hoops with LeBron James, to hanging out with dinosaurs, touring Thailand and even flying through outer-space.

If you’ve yet to experience the world of virtual reality, check out this crash-course video. Even more curious? Head over to 360Vidz Facebook and explore away with 360 degree videos that you don’t even need a headset for!

Whether you attended the pop-up or are just now discovering VR from the links above, feel free to Tweet us or drop a note on Facebook – we’d love to hear about your experience!

Facebook crew member demos the Samsung Gear VR headset in North Hills. - Sean Gallup (Getty Images)

Facebook crew member demos the Samsung Gear VR headset in North Hills. – Sean Gallup (Getty Images)