At this point in the month, you’ve probably gotten a lot of your holiday shopping done, but not all of it. More than likely, the easy gifts are taken care of. Now you have to tackle the hard to please or those that you really want to give something special to, but you just don’t know exactly what. Have no fear — we’re pointing you in the direction of all the best places for holiday gift giving at North Hills. These gifts are perfect for the home, for art aficionados, for the young and young at heart, and for those who just need a day of pampering.

Be sure and take note of some of the special touches they each offer to make your holiday season that much easier. Happy shopping!




Spas that offer gift certificates

If you still need additional ideas, be sure and take a look at our Best Places for Holiday Gift Giving at North Hills: Part I. We wouldn’t leave you stranded, and there’s certainly something here for everyone.