About This Week at Quail Ridge Books: April 2-8

Monday, April 3 at 7 pm: Grant Llewellyn, Musical Honoring of WWIGrant Llewellyn

The North Carolina Symphony joins a community-wide commemoration of the 100th anniversary of American’s entry into World War I with a performance of Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem. Learn the history behind this monumental masterpiece for orchestra and chorus in a conversation with Music Director Grant Llewellyn on Monday, April 3, at 7 pm.

Co-sponsored by WCPE, The Classical Station (89.7 FM).



Tuesday, April 4 at 4:30 pm – Stuart Gibbs, Panda-monium (Launch Party)

Note: Change in time to 4:30 pm due to flight change!   Stuart Gibbs has many beloved ongoing mystery series: Spy School, FunJungle, and Moon Base Alpha.  He visits us for the first time on Tuesday, April 4, at 4:30 pm for Panda-monium, fourth in the FunJungle series. It’s the day Panda-monium is published – time for a launch party! More mystery comes to FunJungle as Li Ping, the zoo’s anxiously-awaited panda, goes missing from the truck transporting her.  The FBI is investigating, but Teddy Fitzroy, as FunJungle’s resident sleuth,  gets drawn into the case.  Who’s going to be left bamboo-zled?  Ages 8+.

“Gibbs never scrimps on creating belly-laughing hullabaloo … Interweaving animal facts (pandas can produce 50 pounds of poop per day) into his plot, the author seamlessly inspires compassion and urgency on behalf of species endangered due to lack of habitat and exotic animal trafficking.” – Kirkus Review

Thursday, April 6 at 7 pm – Jessamyn Stanley, Every Body Yoga

The YouTube and social media star, yoga teacher, and positive body image advocate wears many hats. Jessamyn Stanley shares her can-do attitude and new book, Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body, on Thursday, April 6, at 7 pm. Her approach to Vinyasa Flow yoga encourages all to join in – it’s not how you look, it’s how you feel. The Durham yogi will have you feeling good about yourself. There may even be an opportunity for some chair-based yoga!

Friday, April 7 at 7 pm – John Kessel, The Moon and the Other

Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author John Kessel is just one of the talented professors at NC State. We welcome him back for his latest novel, The Moon and the Other, on Friday, April 7, at 7 pm. Welcome to the Moon of the 22nd century where politics, rival city—states, and a matriarchal society collide.  Passions, both sexual and warlike, come to a boil as the players must decide what really matters to them.

Saturday, April 8 at 11 am – Ann Ross, Miss Julia Weathers the Storm

Ann Ross returns with the latest novel in her beloved Miss Julia series on Saturday, April 8, at 11 am.  If anyone can be up to the challenge, it’s the intrepid Miss J in Miss Julia Weathers the Storm.  In the latest of this series, Miss Julia and friends take a beach trip and find trouble.  Between evading an incoming hurricane and the suspicious strangers who are a little too interested in their beach treasure discoveries, Miss J has her hands full. Then there’s that whole other matter of whether Luanne’s husband is cheating on her.
Come in for Ann’s program and the latest news from Abbotsville, then go out for lunch at the many nearby options in North Hills.

Saturday, April 8 at 2 pm – Andy Griffiths, The 65-Story Treehouse

How tall can Andy Griffiths’ Treehouse grow?  It started with 13 floors, after all!  Judging by kids’ reactions, it can reach to the moon.  Andy joins us all the way from Australia on Saturday, April 8, at 2 pm with The 65-Story Treehouse.  Andy and Terry’s writing adventures in the Treehouse just get wilder and wilder.  How do they get anything done, surrounded by a bowling alley, birthday room, sharks, ninjas, and more?  We know we’re in for an afternoon of big laughs.  Publishers Weekly describes the series as “Anarchic absurdity at its best” for a reason.  Ages 8+.