About This Week at Quail Ridge Books: March 27 – April 1

March 27 at 7pm – Book Club Bash


You don’t have to be in a book club to come to our spring Book Club Bash. But if you are in one, you’ll want to be here Monday, March 27, at 7 pm.  Get suggestions from our staff on great books to discuss. Wine & cheese, giveaways, and guaranteed fun. Come early, Bash always draws a crowd. We’ll repeat the program, with different refreshments, tomorrow morning at 10 am.  Get here early, Bash is a Quail Ridge tradition and always draws a crowd.

March 28 at 10am – Book Club Bash (Morning Edition) 

Morning bcb - free clip art

Same books as the previous evening edition of Book Club Bash, except on Tuesday, March 28, at 10 am. Get suggestions from our staff on great books to discuss. Doughnuts & coffee, giveaways, and guaranteed fun. Come early, the Bash always draws a crowd.

March 28 at 7pm – Larry Nielsen, Nature’s Allies 


Think you can’t make a positive change in the world?  Larry Nielsen visits Tuesday, March 28, at 7 pm with Nature’s Allies: Eight Conservationists Who Changed Our World. From obscure to now well known, he chronicles different everyday people who saw a problem, an injustice, and set about to make things right.  They had different causes (social justice, defending rainforests, exposing polluters) but all made their mark.  The author’s familiar with their causes: he’s a fisheries biologist and Professor of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University.

Introduction – by Dr. Tom Gower, Head of Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at NC State.

March 29 at 11am – Sybil Sylvester, Fresh 


What could be better as spring starts than expert advice on magnificent floral arrangements? You’ll see one take place before your eyes under Sybil Sylvester’s skilled hands.  She visits Wednesday, March 29, at 11 am with Fresh.  Bring some friends, bring your garden club! Join us for a relaxing mid-day program, then consider lunch at any of the nearby North Hills establishments. It’s our kickoff to the delightful “Art in Bloom” weekend at the NC Museum of Art (3/30-4/2).  You’ll be inspired to create your own floral art.

Co-sponsor NCMA has a treat for attendees:

“NCMA would like to thank all those who attend Sybil Sylvester’s demonstration and program with a $5 token that can be used at either the NCMA Exhibition Store or the NCMA Main Store towards a purchase of $10 or more.  Happy Shopping and we can’t wait to see you at the museum!”

March 29 at 7pm – Tony Bartelme, A Surgeon in the Village


Think it’s hard to see a doctor here?  Imagine a country of 43 million – with three neurosurgeons.  When Dr. Dilan Ellegala took a sabbatical in Tanzania, he discovered a world of (non) healthcare.  In a pay it forward method, he began the training of skilled medical workers, and founded the NGO Madaktari.  Tony Bartelme presents his inspiring story on Wednesday, March 29, at 7 pm in A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa.  What we don’t know about global health issues may astound you.

March 30 at 7pm – McKay Jenkins, Food Fight: GMOS and the Future of the American Diet 


How safe is that genetically modified organism (GMO) you’re putting in your mouth?  Are GMOs a dangerous form of corporate greed, or a scientifically valid way to end world hunger?  Those on either ‘side’ will learn much when environmental journalist McKay Jenkins visits on Thursday, March 30, at 7 pm with Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet.  He takes on the good, the bad, and the broad gray area in the middle of what goes on our dinner tables.

McKay Jenkins is the Cornelius Tilghman Professor of English, journalism, and environmental humanities at the University of Delaware.

April 1 at 2pm – Raleigh Little Theatre previews ‘James and the Giant Peach’

Raleigh Little Theatre preview

Kids, feeling the acting bug? Raleigh Little Theatre performers act out a scene from their upcoming production of James and the Giant Peach (April 21-30), and take questions on what involved in creating a play production.  Then they invite kids to join in theatre exercises. Join us on Saturday, April 1, at 2 pm for an introduction to the acting world.  Enter a drawing for two free tickets to the play.