About This Week at Quail Ridge Books: March 20 – 26

March 20 at 7pm – Kwame Alexander, The Playbook


The Newbery Medalist (The Crossover) stays in a basketball theme to inspire and motivate players of any age to soar on the court of life. Kwame Alexander returns with The Playbook: 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in This Game Called Life on Monday, March 20, at 7 pm.  Each of his rules dazzles and encourages with Kwame’s words, and wisdom from role models such as Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Steph Curry. Trust us, you want to HEAR Kwame! Ages 9+.

Kwame will be signing books after the program,  but he won’t be able to personalize.

March 22 at 7pm – John Scalzi, The Collapsing Empire


One of today’s sci-fi masters returns (possible with his ukulele). The Flow allowed humanity to spread far beyond Earth, with its outposts in a tenuous alliance. Now the Flow is shifting, threatening to cut human worlds off from contact – and interstellar travel – forever.  It’s left to a small group of individuals, including the Empress of the Interdependency, to ascertain what might be salvaged. Discover if anything can be when the award-winning  John Scalzi returns on Wednesday, March 22, at 7 pm with The Collapsing Empire.

“If anyone stands at the core of the American science fiction tradition at the moment, it is Scalzi.” – The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Third Edition

If you’ve not heard John before, he is a very FUNNY guy.

Signing line ticket event: Receive a ticket for the after-program signing line with the QRB purchase of The Collapsing Empire. The earlier the book is purchased, the earlier the line position ticket.

March 23 at 7pm – Will Schwalbe, Books for Living 


We were all touched by Will Schwalbe’s NYT best seller, The End of Your Life Book Club.  Will moves to the other end of the spectrum when he returns on Thursday, March 23, at 7 pm with Books for Living. What books help you navigate your existence?  Children’s books, classics, cookbooks, and more have all helped Will deal with challenges, grow, or be entertained.  If you love to ask (or answer) “What are you reading?”, you’ll be even more intrigued with the follow-up, “Why?”. We can’t wait to hear his reading list – or yours.  What a perfect book to have just before our Book Club Bash programs (March 27 and 28).

March 24 at 4:30 pm – African Children’s Choir with Musical Performance

Arican Children' Choir

 Before they even begin singing, these children’s smiles will have won your heart.  The African Children’s Choir members are ages 7-10, and have lost one or both parents.  Their performances help raise funds for the many children’s homes and schools established throughout Africa.  For over 30 years, the program has brought education and housing to many – and joy to audiences worldwide.  We’re honored to have them perform for us on Friday, March 24, at 4:30 pm.  This is definitely a family-friendly concert – bring the kids.