Whether you’re looking for the perfect evening dress or suit, kids toys, or exercise clothes, North Hills’ shopping collection has everything you need.


From high end to fast casual, classic to cutting-edge, you’ll never get tired of all the dining options North Hills has to offer.

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7 Activities for a Rainy Day at North Hills

It’s early spring, and that means plenty of rain in the Triangle. If you’re trapped inside by the weather, here are seven activities at North Hills that are sure to brighten dampened spirits of any age.  

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Introducing: Under Construction in 2015

It seems as though every time we walk through or even drive by North Hills (especially the Park District), there’s another building, storefront or restaurant springing to life! In fact, there are five new projects under construction in the Park District this year alone. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see being […]

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