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From high end to fast casual, classic to cutting-edge, you’ll never get tired of all the dining options North Hills has to offer.

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School is “Out.” North Hills is “In.”

Although school might be closed, North Hills is anything but. School is officially out for the summer, and you may be wondering how you and your kids will fill up your free time. To that we have three words: Visit North Hills. Our summer events schedule is packed with activities designed specifically for children and […]

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Composting in North Hills Part 2: Waste Industries’ Travis Hitchcock

Two weeks ago, we sat down with Noah Marsh, founder of Food FWD, to learn about North Hills’ newest sustainability initiative, composting. Today, we hear from Travis Hitchcock of Waste Industries who, alongside Food FWD, is partnering with North Hills on this mission. North Hills Live: Tell us about the mission of Waste Industries. Travis […]

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